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Whether you are considering installing a new system at your home, community centre, workplace, or institution, or even looking for assistance with existing system, WaterFarmers can provide the professional aquaponic services you need to succeed. Drop us a line and let’s grow!

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Commercial Systems

Aquaponics is an attractive business opportunity for farmers and new entrants to the food production sector. These are typically larger systems, but can be scaled to suit the client. Follow the link to learn more about our commercial consulting services.


Community Aquaponics

Running an aquaponics system through a non-profit society, community centre, or other organization is an excellent opportunity to create interactive food education opportunities while producing healthy local food. Follow the link to learn more about our community-scale options.

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Home Production

Building a system to produce food in your own home is a fun and interesting way to increase and diversify your year-round harvest. Follow the link to learn more about our custom and standard-sized home-scale aquaponic systems.