Our goal in founding WaterFarmers Aquaponics was to bring together a multidisciplinary group of thinkers and streamlining our research, engineering, and business optimization visions. Using a wide variety of aquaponic technologies, we have developed a unique market-oriented design paradigm capable of dramatically improving how food is produced and delivered to people.

Arvind Venkat

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Chief Scientist and Technology Strategist

A sustainable solutions innovator with an engineering heart, Arvind has always had a passion for designing and developing closed-loop, self-sustaining systems. His post-graduate study in Renewable Energy and Environmental Management with University of Toronto further honed in his skill set on Urban Regeneration and Carbon Management. A Masters graduate in Engineering Management from Kettering University-Michigan,USA, Arvind brings to the institution an innate sense for business development and strategic planning.

Arvind was initiated into Aquaponics through his mentorship and interaction with Murray Hallam of Practical Aquaponics and Gina Cavaliero of Green Acre Aquaponics. The commercial aquaponics design strategist is quickly carving a niche in the international aquaponics development scene. A strong advocate of the Hybrid or FloMedia system, his philosophy thrives on Eco-system fundamentals such as nutrient distribution/density, biome balancing, minimal interference and low-energy footprint.


Evan Thomas Bell

Chief of Operations

Evan calls himself a thinker, tinker and builder. Doubling up as the chief of business and operations for WaterFarmers’ North American market he is equally happy discussing the specifics of aquaponics design or rolling up his sleeves to lay out new grow beds or frame a greenhouse. After attending the University of Waterloo for economics, Evan helped build and grow technology start-ups at the Communitech accelerator in Kitchener. This base of startup marketing, product/project management, and business fundamentals encouraged a transition to digital strategy consulting in Toronto. Evan’s varied background assists WaterFarmers with project management, business development and community outreach.

Evan got his start in aquaponics by building household hobby systems and volunteering with the University of Waterloo’s Aquaponics Group as a grant writer and project manager. Now continuing his Aquaponics adventure under the expertise of Arvind, he is passionate about bringing systems-level change to the world’s food security problems. His present research interests surround the design and construction of high-efficiency controlled environments tailored for Aquaponic farming in Northern Climates.


Dr. Stephen Goddard M.Sc. Ph.D

Aquaculture Scientist

Steve is a graduate of the University of Wales, UK and is an aquaculture specialist with professional interests in integrated aquaculture and its contribution to food security. He has held academic appointments in the UK, Canada and Oman and is widely published in the areas of fish nutrition and aquafeed management.

Development activities for the integration of tilapia farming with horticulture, in the hot arid environment in Oman, brought him into a productive working relationship with Arvind. Together they completed an aquaponics research project, supported by the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, Oman (see projects) designed to document the flow of minerals and microbes in a floating raft system.

Now based in Belgium, Stephen plans to extend the portfolio of company projects into Europe and Africa.


Gayathri Seshadri

Agronomics and Product Development Specialist

Gayathri brings over ten years of industry experience to WaterFarmers, from her work in Production line and Warehouse management models with Cognizant Technology clients such as Walmart and Ford. As a direct point of contact with our clients, she boosts post commissioning activities for our large commercial operations, aiding them in setting up successful businesses. Specializing in setting up unique agronomic marketing strategies, Gayathri completes the WaterFarmers commercial Aquaponic system offering. Additionally, she also partakes in early stage planning activities for projects trying to set up advanced value streams.


Shankar Ramakrishnan

Concept Design Architect

A graduate from the Measi Academy of Architecture (India) Shankar is an independent Architect with a wide range of application expertise ranging from single space to multilevel and multi-user space projects. Currently pursuing his masters in Architecture and performative design at Staedelschule Architecture Class (Germany), Shankar has an innate passion for building information modelling through architecture geometry and form finding. An absolute techno geek, Shankar is proficient with numerous rendering platforms and tools, bringing a comprehensive skill set to bridge the gap between the poetic thoughts and that of the architectural reality. Currently working with UNStudio (Amsterdam), Shankar devotes his time to blending ergonomic design concepts to Waterfarmers projects yet always bringing to the table the most bizzare bio-mimicking urban trendy designs for modern aquaponics.


Cameron bell

Business Development and Project Support

During his Environmental Studies degree at the University of Northern British Columbia, (Canada), Cameron worked as an intern at one of the only commercial aquaponics systems in the province. He led the development of on-campus food system initiatives including the establishment of a farmers market and construction of a passive-solar geodesic dome greenhouse. Following graduation he gained professional experience in local government and economic development, and now seeks to shift his aspirations towards permaculture and food production through a variety of systems.