Aquaponics 707 at Scadding Court

Amidst the urban environs of downtown Toronto, a 6,500 L FloMedia system hums and glows at the Scadding Court Community Centre (SCCC). In partnership with SCCC staff and public funders, this new installation is now selling fresh produce to local restaurants, and providing food security infrastructure and agricultural education opportunities for the community centre’s patrons and staff.


Using fluorescent lighting on two Deep Water Culture beds, and featuring both a mechanical filter and an aerated bio-reactor, this system produces more than 60 heads of mixed heirloom lettuce for a restaurant client every week. Following system commissioning in spring of 2016, SCCC staff took over operations and maintenance with guidance and technical support from WaterFarmers staff.

“There’s no bugs, no pesticides – it’s all natural and it doesn’t get any more local than this,” says SCCC Executive Director Kevin Lee. “This is the first (system) of its kind in a community centre in the City of Toronto”. He’s passionate about the socio-economic impacts of the project, and believes that “It will definitely help with food security in the area, and will help us provide jobs and training for youth (who will maintain the system) and skills development.”

Launched in May of 2016, the project has received praise and publicity from a variety of sources around the Greater Toronto Area. Check out the Aquaponics 707 project to learn more about the system, or read about the project’s local impact at