The Industry

Over the past couple of decades, aquaponics has enjoyed being near and dear to domestic kitchens and hobbyists. Successfully scaling aquaponics up to the commercial level relies on support and guidance from champions in the industry. We would like to dedicate this section to recognizing mentors, associates and collaborators who share our vision and goals for the growth and development of aquaponics.

WaterFarmers Aquaponics has enjoyed the honor and pleasure of working and researching best practices with several of these industry pioneers. We have had the opportunity to observe and understand their school of thought, and would like to recognize these organizations and individuals for their unique and personal contributions to the industry.


champion aquapons

  1. Murray Hallam

  2. Dr. Wilson Lennard

  3. Dr. James Rakocy

  4. Gina Cavaliero

  5. Micheal Cosmo

  6. Dr. Charlie Schultz

  7. Dr. Nick Savidov

  8. Aleece Landis

  9. Nate Storey

  10. Silvia Bernstein

  11. Jesse Hull

  12. Molly Stanek

  13. J.D. Sawyer

  14. Glenn Martinez

  15. Pedro Casas


champion aquaponic institutions

  1. Aquaponics Institute

  2. Murray Hallam’s Practical Aquaponics

  3. Green Acres Aquaponics

  4. Aquaponic Solutions

  5. University of Virgin Islands Aquaponics

  6. Growing Power Inc.

  7. Imagine Aquaponics

  8. Aquaponic Lynx

  9. Affnan’s Aquaponics

  10. Aquaponic Source

  11. Planet Stewards

  12. Colorado Aquaponics


champion aquaponic farms

  1. Green Acres Aquaponics

  2. Agroponicos Cosecha de Puerto Rico

  3. Ouroboros Farms

  4. Growing Power

  5. Olomana Gardens

  6. The Grow Haus