Champion Aquaponic Organizations

All over the world, aquaponics is moving forward thanks to the hard work of industry organizations, institutions, businesses and individuals passionate about the technology. Scroll down to see some of the key organizations in the field.


Green Sky Grower’s - a rooftop aquaponics operation in Florida, the first in the world constructed on a Certified Green Building.


Affnan Aquaponics.jpg

Affnan’s Aquaponics - Small-scale aquaponics experiments in Malaysia.


Practical Aquaponics - The company of Australian aquaponic enthusiast Murray Hallam.



Pentair Aquatic Eco-Systems - International aquaculture and aquaponic design, service, and supply company.


Aquaponics Institute - International industry association, hosting events and maintaining a network of instructors and trainers.



University of the Virgin Islands - Home to a functioning commercial-scale aquaponics system. Hosts 3-day workshops to train aquaponics practitioners.


Aquaponic Lynx - Florida-based design-build firm, and international online materials sales.


NorCal Aquaponics - Permaculture-based aquaponics training, consulting, design, and installation company.


Imagine Aquaponics - American consulting firm offering training and system construction, with substantial experience in artificial lighting.


Bright Agrotech, LLC - Vertical farming consulting and installation company based out of Wyoming, America.


auqponic solutions logo.jpg

Aquaponic Solutions - International consulting firm and home of the SYMBIOPONICS system, founded by Dr. Wilson Lennard in Australia.


The Aquaponic Source - Online store for aquaponic supplies, including complete system kits.


The Aquaponics Association - Industry association promoting the benefits of aquaponics through education and outreach.


Nelson Pade - Purveyor of the Clear Flow Aquaponic system, as well as training, design, and support services. Based in America. 


Just Aquaponics - Online store for aquaponics components and kits, based in Vancouver, Canada. Also affiliated with the Canadian Aquaponics blog.