Mission, Vision, and Scope


WaterFarmers; Making Food Security Your Business….


We strive to lead a societal shift towards food sovereignty through the design and development of innovative aquaponic systems around the world. In collaboration with partner organizations, individuals, and businesses, we use modern biological sciences, materials and energy systems to create aquaponic solutions through professional consulting and technical services worldwide. We focus on regions with limited food production capacity, and ensure that every system can operate as a successfully productive venture. Finally, we aim to empower communities, capitalize on educational opportunities, and use scientific research to maximize the productivity of our systems.



At WaterFarmers, we are passionate about designing the purest food production technology in the world. We envision a society in which everyone understands and has access to organic forms of food production. This vision unites us as a team and inspires us to implement effective aquaponics systems for our clients. Our role in this shift includes:

  1. Delivering aquaponics in regions that have limited food production capacity, while ensuring that aquaponics is a successful business or development venture.
  2. Working with academic entities to increase awareness of aquaponic technology, and conduct ongoing research and development.
  3. Empowering communities to work towards food sovereignty and social revitalization via aquaponics.



WaterFarmers is uniquely positioned to partner with a wide range of institutions and individuals who share our passion for “Food Purity” and “Food Sovereignty”. We aim to develop systems for all walks of life in an effort to maximize the reach of Aquaponics.


A commercial-scale system is every practitioner’s aspiration. We make that dream a reality through efficient design and long-term strategic planning. At WaterFarmers we believe that growing this area of Aquaponics is vital to developing the reputation of the industry. We aim to define best practices for the successful implementation of commercial aquaponic systems by providing tools such as maintenance manuals and work-flow value stream analysis.


Aquaponic systems create an excellent opportunity for long-term community development. The myriad of options and operational simplicity makes aquaponics an ideal strategy for community engagement, education, and local food production.


Aquaponics is at the confluence of many ecological sciences, and has no better a place than in High Schools, Colleges and Universities. At WaterFarmers we passionately believe that Aquaponics in education will benefit the youth of tomorrow by bringing their attention to the significance of Food Security and Food Purity in today’s world.


The backyard hobbyist forms the lifeline for the industry. Much of today’s experience in aquaponic system design has been derived from backyard enthusiasts. For this purpose we develop DIY drawings that help backyard hobbyists enhance their aquaponic experience through specialized designs.