Mandeel Aquaponic Farms

Summary: Family-owned and -operated, the Mandeel farm is home to Bahrain’s first aquaponics system, producing several species of fish and a wide variety of produce.

Technical details:

  • Size: 900 sq m greenhouse, 100,000 L total system volume
  • Production system: LEED certified breathable greenhouse, river gravel beds and deep water cultivation troughs.
  • Production target: 10 tons produce/year, 2-4 tons fish/year.
  • Species: Nile Tilapia, Asian Sea Bass and indigenous carp varieties. Tomatoes, peppers, beans, carrots and radish, as well as high quality greens and exotic herbs.
  • Date Operational: November, 2014

Partners and People:

  • Sami Mandeel and the Mandeel family farm

 Abundant greens at the Mandeel family farm in Bahrain.

Abundant greens at the Mandeel family farm in Bahrain.


Additional Information:

The Mandeel Aquaponic farm is the first aquaponic production facility in Bahrain. Sprawled over 10,000 sq ft, this family operated venture produces and delivers high quality organic vegetables and fish in a predominantly hydroponic and/or import dominant market. The project shall be a flagship of several aquaponic projects planned in partnership with Practical Aquaponics and Murray Hallam in the upcoming years for the region.



The system features a FloMedia or Hybrid style setup, featuring a combination granite gravel beds and and Deep water culture troughs in a specially designed arid climate mitigating greenhouse. With an energy footprint of less than 5 KW the system is a flagship model of the WaterFarmers sustainable design.



The aquaculture system is a multi-species stocking model, which will include Nile Tilapia, Asian Sea Bass and indigenous carp varieties. The prime production schema will include heirloom tomatoes, peppers, beans, carrots and radish. Additionally, high value greens and exotic herbs like Kale, Chards, Spinach, Basil, Pak Choy, Choi Sum and Mustards will be the focus of production. Produce from this farm will be available at local culinary eateries, cuisine specific restaurants, and the Hamala farmers market, with expansions planned in the near future. In terms of production figures the system will produce 10 tons of greens and vegetables alongside 2 – 4 tons of fish annually.

Being one of the first fully functional systems of its kind in Bahrain, it will also aim to serve in the long run as a training institute for local farmers and agricultural entrepreneurs.


Farm Owners

The Mandeel Aquaponic farm is 100% family owned and operated. Sami Mandeel the project owner is a highly decorated retired Urban planning Commissioner of Bahrain. An ace animal husbandry expert by passion Sami Mandeel has a plethora of experience with developing Agricultural technologies and Animal rearing methodologies. As a pioneer aquaponic adopter in Bahrain, he has set the pace for becoming a concept champion in the region.