The Working Centre GROW Greenhouse
Aquaponics System

Summary: A portion of the existing hydroponic sprouts greenhouse was converted to aquaponic production at this community-development space in Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario.

technical details

  • Size: 3 sq m growing space, 2,000 L total system volume
  • Production system: Timber and liner greenhouse, FloMedia system.
  • Species: Red Tilapia in summer, Bluegill in winter. Cherry tomatoes and alpine strawberries.
  • Dates Operational: 2012-2014

partners and people

  • The Working Centre, a non-profit community development organization in Kitchener-Waterloo.


Additional Information:

the working center 

The Working Center is a non-profit, volunteer driven, community development organization based in the Kitchener-Waterloo region. As an institution it strives to replenish and rejuvenate its neighbouring urban and semi-urban communities by bringing together individuals and groups and providing a platform for self sustainability.


The GROW greenhouse is part of a larger local-food production campaign organized by the Working Center.  It was originally established as a hydroponics driven micro-green production facility. The keen interest of the crew and owners inspired a partnership with WaterFarmers to substitute 25% of their hydroponic growing space with aquaponics. After several years of production, the system was decommissioned due to changing priorities in the organization.

The community was very excited about the project and enjoyed several years of aquaponic crops from the greenhouse. At WaterFarmers, we take extreme pride in being associated with institutions like the Working Center, that work towards the re-development of urban spaces in the Greater Toronto Region.

Good Work News, a local Kitchener publication, published an article recently on this community Aquaponic project.

grow aquaponics

The aquaponic system at the GROW Greenhouse, is a typical timber and liner module that exhibits the smallest most productive scale of a hybrid or FloMedia type aquaponic system. It produced two kinds of Hybrid Cherry Tomatoes, and Alpine Strawberries. The system is used Red Tilapia between April and September and Bluegill for the winter cycle, as Tilapia do not feed very well below 18°C. A hydronics system was used as a primary heating source during winter.

For more pictures and updates view the GROW Greenhouse gallery on our Facebook Page