Evergreens Republic Farm

Summary: Providing fresh produce to the growing organic food market in Hong Kong, this system is the largest in South East Asia, and owes its success to the vision and dedication of the team.

technical details

  • Size: 2000 sq m greenhouse, 306,000 L total system volume
  • Production system: Climate controlled greenhouse, gravel beds, deep water culture, and wicking beds. Production Target: 100 tons produce/year.
  • Species: Jade perch, greens, herbs, melon, squash, etc.
  • Date Operational: Spring 2015

partners and people

  • Evergreens Republic Farm, partners Ray Lok and Leon Yao
  • Keith - Master Technician
  • Hugo – Operations Manager MSc Agri Sciences


Additional Information:

the farm

Spanning over 1/2 acre in the countryside of Hong Kong, Evergreens Republic is the first Aquaponic farm in Hong Kong and the largest in South East Asia. It is a high performance commercial ensemble of the best of aquaponic growing techniques. The project aims to be a big part of the rapidly developing growing organic food market in Hong Kong and provide fresh, naturally grown, pesticide free produce. The farm holds the potential to boost the local market supply by almost 20%. The system will be driven by 3 tons of locally hatched Jade Perch and will feature gravel beds, deep water culture troughs and wicking beds. The Evergreens Republic Farm is a showcase of the best of WaterFarmers design and planning. At 70% productive land usage the Aquaponic farm is set to generate 100 tons of premium quality produce annually.

The Team

Ray Lok and Leon Yao, aspiring agro entrepreneurs, are both well established industrialists and business professionals in their own right. Having a thorough and clear agronomic vision with well established market channels, the Evergreens project has been hailed a success even in its nascent stages. Realizing the importance of maintenance and the responsibility that comes with running a successful aquaponic farm of this scale and keeping it profitable, a niche team of farm hands under the able guidance of an expert Farming Operations Manager have been commissioned with the daily schedules of harvest, seeding, feeding, plant care, fish care and water quality monitoring. It is indeed humbling to see their dedication and passion in the daily activities of the farm and its healthy running.

WaterFarmers Aquaponics at Evergreens Republic Hong Kong