Aquaponics 707 at
Scadding Court Community Centre

Summary: In partnership with the Scadding Court Community Centre in downtown Toronto, this productive indoor system is a highly visible demonstration of aquaponic technology.

technical details

  • Size: 37 sq m system area, 6,500 L total system volume, fully accessible
  • Production system: Indoor system with fluorescent lighting. Two vertically stacked DWC beds and one media bed.
  • Production target: 2.2 tons produce/year, 0.6 tons fish/year.
  • Species: Tilapia, oakleaf lettuce, other greens, herbs
  • Date Operational: May 2016

partners and people

  • Scadding Court Community Centre
  • Kevin, Herman, and Abdi, SCCC staff


additional information

See our Recent Work post for more information