About WaterFarmers



Providing turnkey aquaponics solutions around the world, WaterFarmers is Toronto’s premier professional aquaponic consulting group. We are committed to delivering technology-based food security solutions for our clients, and driven by our belief in the value of hyper-local whole foods. With active projects in Canada, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia, ranging from hobby to commercial scale, WaterFarmers is an industry leader in aquaponic system design.

As consumers gain awareness of the importance of consuming local and sustainable food, demand for high-quality food products is increasing. Aquaponic technology offers productive customized systems that implement a Cradle to Cradle philosophy, utilizing fish waste to provide nutrients for food crops. Our greenhouses are designed for site-specific conditions, and flourish in a variety of climatic conditions using local materials and resources whenever possible.

While technology can be used to excessively alter the science of food production, organic nutrient processing systems such as aquaponics present an exciting opportunity for modern farmers. Amidst a flood of marketing messages and social stigma around food products, using an appropriate means of production is paramount. Our intent is to translate our philosophy and vision into practical and feasible solutions at all scales.


Aquaponics is a revolutionary concept that thrives on a symbiotic relationship between fish and food crops. Through aerobic mineralization, organic fish waste is used as the nutrient source to grow food crops through hydroponic techniques. The plants and their growing media de-nitrify, de-mineralize, and filter organic solids from the water, which then returns to the fish environment to complete a flourishing ecosystem. Combined with a wide array of beneficial organisms (like bacteria, protozoa, fungii and worms) these systems provide an abundant food supply.

WaterFarmers designs emphasize the aerobic mineralization of fish effluent through a series of biological and mechanical “Eco Zones” integrated within the biome of the system. Mineralized fish effluent is then biologically nurtured in “Food Zones” as the source of nutrients for hydroponic food crops. These crops and their growing media then de-nitrify, de-mineralize and filter organic solids from the water, which is then returned to the fish environment to complete a flourishing ecosystem.

This cycle, together with a wide array of cultivation specific microbiology rendering, WaterFarmers’ unique Nutrient Density technology, and market driven agronomic modelling, facilitate a self-sustaining, abundant, and clean food production system.

Requiring only 10% of the water used by traditional soil based agriculture, aquaponics can sustainably produce food without the need for synthetic substances. Aquaponics is an all weather solution, independent of land quality and precipitation. When designed effectively, this highly-scalable food system produces valuable plant crops as well as freshwater fish and crustaceans.